The staff and leadership at Crossing Church is comprised of men and women who are here to care for you, pray for you and  and support you. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call the church office. 

You can also contact the church office at

  • Billy and Annie Phipps - Lead Pastors  

    Billy and Annie are genuine and authentic. They love getting to know people. Their greatest desire is to see others find Jesus and get to know Him in a personal, life-changing way the way they have. They love making the Bible practical, understandable and helping people apply it to everyday life.  

  • Ryan Herring - Youth & Young Adults Pastor

    Student Ministries is his passion. He loves finding new ways to help teenagers grow in their faith. Jr High and High School Students need community and unity as they work through these formative years. On the same note, 18-28 year olds need a community to belong to after they graduate and enter into adulthood.    

  • Don Metcalf - Care Pastor

    Don truly has a heart for people. His passion is mentoring and passing on his experience to the next generation of leadership.

  • Isaac Fernandez - Worship Director

    Isaac desires for people to experience the realness of God. He draws us into worship every week where we experience God and pour out our praises to him. Music is a deep part of his life and he strives for excellence and allows space for God to move.

  • Jan Pollard - Pastor's Assistant

    Jan provides administrative support while bringing warmth to the pastoral staff. If you have a question or a concern and you don't know who to ask, she can help you.

  • Louisa Aguilar - Children's Director

    Louisa has a deep love for children. Her desire is to create a learning environment that is fun and energetic where our kids go home with a great lesson and the desire to want to come back. Check out our kids page

  • Aly Roth - Communications Director

    Aly has a heart for keeping everyone in the know. She strives to keep our website, and social media platforms up to date so that you never miss an event, or opportunity to get together with the church. She also loves to be creative in series branding and heads up graphic designs for all of our print and images.